The edge of Darkness

Tu Es Foutu
نویسنده : Kasra - ساعت ۸:۱۱ ‎ب.ظ روز پنجشنبه ٢٤ آذر ۱۳۸٤

پرشين بلاگ چقدر سريع شده!
چقد دلم برای صفحه پست تنگ شده بود!

يه آهنگی هست به اسم You promised me که البته اصلش انگليسی نيست.چون وسطاش اسم آهنگ رو به لاتين ميگه ...ولی يه خواننده به اسم In-Grid انگليسی خوندش....

خيلی راحت با آهنگش ارتباط برقرار کردم...بيشتر درد و دلهای توئه............................


,You promised me the moon and the sun the birds in the sky
.You promised me a wonderful life, they were only lies
,You promised me all diamonds and pearls that i never got
.You promised me red roses and gold but soon you forgot
...You promised me, just me and you

,You promised me i could be your queen and you'd be my king
?You promised me a white wedding dress - where is the ring
,You promised me your tender caress your kisses at night
!So try to show it wasn't in vain coz i'm wasting my time
...You promised me, just me and you

Tu Es Foutu, tu-tu-tu, tu es foutu, tu-tu-tu.
.I don't know what to do with my life, but I know my rule is no second chance

,You promised me, you promised me, you promised me
.Tu Es Foutu, tu-tu-tu, tu es Foutu, tu-tu-tu

.You promised me, Tu Es Foutu, You promised me, Tu Es Foutu

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